Frequently Asked Questions (Design)

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ) - Design 

1.  When will crews begin collecting field data?

Crew collected field data in Summer 2017

2.  Will crews need to use motorized vehicles to collect field data?

No, crews do not need motorized vehicles to collect field data.  They will be walking by foot in groups of 2 or 3.  Different crews visit the site at different times depending on their area of expertise including tree identification, wetland identification, and stream characteristics.

3. How long will it take to complete the design and permits?

The design and permits should be completed June 2019.

4.  Will the design be available for review?

Yes, the design will be available for review, digitally on this webpage or printed copies will be available in our offices at 212 South Bond Street.  Each submittal from the design engineer will be available for review.  Adjacent property owners will be notified by email, phone, or mail when the plans are available. 

5.  Will easements from the property owners be necessary for the County to construct this restoration?

Yes, this project is proposed entirely on private property.  None of the existing drainage and utility easements allow the County to complete this type of project.  For this project a majority of the project is located within the open space owned by the Foster Branch Homeowners Association.

6. When will the easement documents be available for property owners to review?

Easements are based on the areas delineated in the design for construction and construction access.  These areas are typically finalized when the design is approximately 75% complete.  At that time property plats will be developed which show the limits of the proposed easements.

7. Will the easements be permanent?

No. Easements will be revertible; meaning after 10 years the easements will no longer be valid and the property within the easement reverts back to the owner without the restriction.