On Site Senior Center Questions

What activities are offered at the senior centers?

The Senior Center Division provides a wide variety of activities, classes, and programs Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Lunch is served daily or several times a week depending on the location and low-cost transportation is available through Harford Transit. We also offer some stand-alone classes and activities at several satellite locations.

Are there free group activities?

Yes. Depending on what each Senior Center offers, free group activities can include things such as volleyball, chair volleyball, basketball, table tennis and pickle ball. Nutrition education classes, musical entertainment and Bingo are some of the non-sport related activities that vary from center to center.

Members also have access to fitness rooms in centers that apply, free of charge with their center membership. There are also many seniors who congregate to play cards, board games, put together a puzzle, or participate in movie day.

At what age can I join the Senior Activity Center?

You must be 55 years of age or older to attend Harford County Senior Activity Centers. Some activities must be limited to members 60 years or older, due to funding agency regulations. A suggested donation may be required for some programs for members under the age of 60. An example would be our Congregate Meal lunch program.

Is there a membership fee?

No—membership is FREE. There are many no-cost activities and programs offered in the centers. There are some nominal costs associated with structured classes. These costs are noted in our printed and class catalog.

Are there qualifications other than age to become a member of a Senior Center?

You must be 55 years of age and be willing to agree to the Senior Activity Center Membership and Eligibility Requirements. A copy of these requirements and behavioral policies will be provided to you when you come into the center for your initial registration. You will be asked to read these and sign off on them, in order to become a member. These eligibility requirements will also be part of your annual Membership Renewal. You will be asked to acknowledge and sign off on them each year in order to keep you membership current.

Do different centers offer different activities for seniors?

Yes. Although all of our Senior Centers serve to promote healthy, active lifestyles for adults 55 and older, each center is unique with regard to the variety of classes, individual instructors and activities that they offer.

If I join one center in Harford County, do I need to apply to other center locations to attend there as well?

Once you complete your initial Membership Registration in person, you are a member in all of Harford County’s senior centers! This means that you will be able to attend any of our Senior Centers within Harford County. In addition, you will also be able to register online for classes that are offered at any center in the future, as long as your membership registration remains current.

Can seniors who need assistance come with a caregiver?

Yes. A caregiver may accompany a member of the Senior Activity Center to the applicable center as long as the person can meet the membership requirements with assistance. The caregiver must register with the center and provide written verification of his or her position as the member’s caregiver from either the member’s family, physician or, if applicable, from the Administrator of the senior living facility where the member resides. Please note: If a member receives or requires the assistance of a Caregiver for help with daily living activities, that member must have a caregiver present with them at all times when attending a Senior Activity Center. Please direct any other questions regarding caregivers to a staff member.

How do I update my contact information?

Once you have completed your initial membership registration by coming into a Senior Center, and providing a valid ID, you will be able to create an online account in CivicRec (our online registration system). Your online account will allow you to renew your membership annually, update your information and register for classes and other activities. If you would like more information or need assistance with creating a CivicRec online account, please see a team member at the front desk of the center.

What if I cannot afford classes?

Harford County Office on Aging, Senior Activity Centers have a scholarship program. The availability of this program depends on grant funding that we receive. We will announce the availability of this program during our class registrations process for each semester. A scholarship application must be completed by the member and submitted to a staff member for approval. If approved, the scholarship can be applied to any tuition-based class offered by Harford County Senior Centers. Scholarships are awarded based on household monthly gross income, must be redeemed by the expiration date, are not transferrable and are available on a first-come, first serve basis, until the funds are expended. Please see a staff member for an application or for more information.

 If I decide to drop out of one of my classes, can I receive a refund?

The Harford County Office on Aging has a No Refund Policy, with the exception of the following situations:

• Cancellation of a class by the Harford County Office on Aging

• Medical issues (considered on a case by case basis) prior to week 3 of classes

• Family emergencies (considered on a case by case basis) prior to week 3 of classes

      If one of these situations applies to you, please see a staff member.

Are materials provided for classes or do they need to be purchased?

Not typically. Materials such as hand weights and yoga mats that are needed for fitness classes, are not provided. If you register for a fitness class that suggests these items, it is the responsibility of the member to purchase them and bring them to and from classes. In the case of classes such as art, knitting or basket making etc., the instructor will provide a list of materials needed prior to the start of the semester, along with an estimate on the cost of the items. Class material lists are available at the front desk of the center for these classes.