Programs and Resources for Teachers and Students

Would you like to plan a lesson about recycling that is specific to Harford County? We will be happy to come out and speak to your class about recycling or provide county specific information for your lesson. Call us at 410-638-3417 or email for more information.


Here are some fun and educational recycling resources for both teachers and students.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink

Take your students through the 4Rs in this collaborative and fun group activity. This lesson takes approximately 45 minutes and is designed for elementary and middle school students.

Outside resources

The resources below are developed and maintained by outside organizations.


  • Recycle City: Explore Recycle City and see how the town reduces waste, then see if you can win at reducing waste in a fun game.
  • Recycle Roundup: Help Gus sort the town trash. How much can you recycle or compost?
  • Recycle This!: Use the Airburst tool to sort keep the recyclables from going into the trash. Take a look at the interesting facts on this page as well.
  • Kids Guide to Recycling:  An interactive resource teaching the importance of recycling.
  • The Conversionator: Drop your recyclables into the machine and see what facts come out.
  • EPA Activities for Kids: Fun games and activities about recycling.


  • TerraCycle: A great way to create incentives and recycle hard-to-recycle objects. Join contests, earn points or money for products or donations, and make a difference.
  • MDE Recycling at Work and School Link The Maryland Department of the Environment provides facts, activities, and other resources for the classroom.
  • America Recycles Day: Create or join events and sign pledges for America Recycles Day on November 15.
  • Recycle Guys: An extensive website with lessons, videos, and projects for students of all ages.