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Bonnie Baressi
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Bonnie Barresi, Business Development Associate
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Accounting and Finance
Accounting and Finance Management is important in all businesses, big or small. With the proper management of income and expenses, businesses have a stronger potential for growth. In addition, businesses can create a strategy for unexpected downturns. Harford County is the home to a strong network of personal and business accounting and financial management firms, whose focus is not only creating and maintaining strong businesses, but also assisting business owners and their employees to thrive financially in their personal lives.
Business Services
Business service companies are essential to keeping businesses focused on the work that moves them forward. They provide efficient, cost-effective solutions to common business problems, which saves business owners time and money. Marketing firms, payroll and human resource management services, technology solutions, and consulting companies, just to name a few, act as an extension of a business, filling in gaps in the team where needed. Harford County helps connect businesses through networking and resource events to create a true ecosystem where businesses thrive together.
Every business takes on responsibility for the well-being of a wide range of people, from employees to customers. Daily business activities have the potential to affect these stakeholders in many ways. Insurance companies can help mitigate any risk associated with business activities and protects companies from unforeseen consequences. Whether liability, workman’s compensation, unemployment, or health insurance, Harford County insurance agents and brokers are prepared to assist businesses with the appropriate coverage to protect the business and its stakeholders.
Legal Services
Lawyers have an essential role as connectors in the Harford County community. They possess the knowledge and skill to assist with disputes and bring two parties together to reach a productive solution. Legal services help businesses from the beginning early days of formation to assisting business owners with their exit strategy. Business attorneys assist with compliances, regulations, copyrights, taxes, bankruptcy, employee relations and contracts, in addition to many other daily business concerns. Having a legal expert on a business team is essential to maintain a healthy business.
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