Housing & Utilities Assistance Programs

Training for Housing and Utilities Assistance Programs included the following information, which can be viewed by clicking on each part.

Class Materials:
Housing & Community Development Overview (pdf)

Part 1 video: Overview
Jenny Kelly, director, Communications of Program Advocacy for Harford Community Action Agency
Brittany Ayers, case management, Harford Community Action Agency

  • Overview of Harford Community Action Agency (HCAA)
  • Programs offered
  • MD Assistance Program
  • Electrical Universal Service program
  • Community case management
  • Parenting Inside Out Program
  • Reducing childhood hunger
  • Employment assistance
  • Conflict resolution
  • Successful community partnerships

Lana, Seedco navigator, Harford Community Action Agency

  • Overview of Seedco

Brian Waynewright, director of supportive services

  • Homeless retention services
  • Homeless services
  • Food bank and pantry

Jennifer Kelly, communications and resource advocacy

  • Resource advocacy
  • Annual 
  • Events
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing and communications
  • FY17 program statistics
  • Donations

Part 2 video: Housing & Community Development
Introduction - Karen Winkowski, administrator, Office on Aging
Len Parrish, director, Housing & Community Development

  • Overview of Housing & Community Development
  • What is offered to Harford County citizens
  • Homeless services
  • Point In Time (homeless population)
  • Project Homeless Connect
  • Voucher program for rental assistance
  • Rental allowance
  • Veterans rental assistance
  • Mainstream vouchers
  • CDBG (Community Development Block Grant)
  • Community improvement projects
  • Affordable housing
  • Non-profit support
  • Home investment services
  • Housing inspections
  • Trends in housing
  • Needs assessment

Part 3 video: Examples
Lenora Robinson, community liaison, Housing & Community Development

  • Overview of Housing & Community Development by example and resources.