Navigating Senior Transportation

Navigating Harford County Senior Transportation included the following information and can be viewed by clicking on each part.

Class Materials
Harford Transit LINK Overview (pdf)
Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) Overview (pdf)
Getting There Ride Share Overview (pdf)
Priority1 Transportation Overview (pdf)

Part 1 video: Older driver safety
Robert Andrews, CCTM, CSSO, administrator, Harford Transit LINK

  • Transit overview
  • Demand response
  • Funding
  • Allied medical transportation
  • Technology and passenger amenities
  • Onboard GPS
  • Challenges and goals
  • Q & A

Part 2 video: Medical Assistance transportation unit
Maryland Department of Health

  • Overview of NEMT (non-emergency medical transportation)
  • Funding and regulation
  • Federal and state codifications
  • Who qualifies
  • How NEMT works
  • How participants are referred

Part 3 video: Getting There Ride Share
Barbara Fey, director

  • Overview of Getting There Ride Share
  • Who is served
  • Program safety
  • Ride information and cost
  • Volunteers
  • Passengers
  • Enrollment
  • Q & A

Part 4 video: Priority One Transportation
Carla Walton

  • Priority One mission and services
  • Rates and concierge service
  • How to schedule an appointment/ride
  • Q & A