Adopt-a-Roundabout / Adopt-a-Median Programs

Adopt A Roundabout/Median in Harford County

In order to allow for the improved beautification and maintenance of vegetation and landscaping in Harford County roundabouts or wide median strips, the Department of Public Works Bureau of Highway Engineering has developed this program. Businesses agree to provide professional landscape installation and maintenance of a Harford County roundabout or median in return for the installation of signs bearing the name of the business paying for this service. 

The program is available to any business or landscape company willing to agree to the terms and conditions in the Adopt-a-Roundabout / Median Program Agreement and Release.     

This is an ongoing program. The Department of Public Works maintains a list of companies who are interested in this program, and in the event locations become available, sites are first targeted to adjacent businesses, then on a first come, first served basis. 

For more information, please contact the Adopt - a - Roundabout/Median Program manager in Highway Engineering (Traffic) at 410- 638-3509.  

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