Water and sewer bills

Customers of the county’s water and sewer system may have two types of bills – usage and capital charges.

Usage is generally based on the amount of water used by the property. Revenues pay the cost of the daily operation and maintenance of the water and sewer system in the county and are increased annually by the Consumer Price Index.

Capital charges vary from property to property depending on the time period of connection and location in the county. These charges are used to pay for the cost of construction transmission facilities, pumping stations, water booster stations, storage facilities, treatment facilities, etc.

Customers also pay a user benefit assessment, levied for 25 years on all properties connected to the county’s water and/or sewer system.

Water and sewer customers are billed quarterly, while the assessment is mailed around July 1 with the property tax bills.

Water and sewer bills not paid on time are considered a lien against the property and are subject to penalty charges, possible termination of service and possible sale at the county’s property tax sale. Click here for more information on the tax sale.

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