What's New in Historic Preservation?

A lot of the work that the historic preservation team does is behind the scenes. Take a look at what our team has been working on.

Harford County MIHP Survey Update

Whats New1

Historic reservation staff speak with Howard Eakes of Harford County Public Schools at Harford Glen.

Have you noticed our orange-vested staff members walking around Harford County? We are currently in the process of documenting historic resources throughout the County. This is an ongoing effort that will include photographic documentation and an evaluation of the current exterior conditions of previously surveyed and newly identified sites around the County. 


Here are some facts about the project:


  • There are 2,154 historic resources in Harford County that are listed on the Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties (MIHP).
  • Many of these surveys were completed between 1970 and 1990.
  • Information that is gathered by staff will be entered into a WebGIS database so that up-to-date information on the resource can be used in future preservation planning.
  • This project is ongoing and began in January 2022.
  • Harford County staff will stay in the public right-of-way unless given explicit permission by the landowners to enter private property prior to the field visit.


While out in the field, Harford County staff will be identifiable by orange vests and Harford County employee badges. Make sure to say hi if you see us!

Archeological Survey at Swan Harbor

Whats New2

Left: Harford County and MHT staff conduct a magnetic susceptibility meter survey (MHT 2021)

Top right: Olive green bottle glass found on site (MHT 2021)

Bottom right: Pipestem photograph submitted by constituent (2021)

It was a chilly day in the middle of December 2021, but that didn’t stop our Historic Preservation staff from heading out to the fields at Swan Harbor. While out on a walk, a constituent reported finding a pipe stem and prehistoric debitage (debris from producing tools). 


With the help of archeologists from the Maryland Historical Trust and Archeological Society of the Northern Chesapeake, staff conducted a pedestrian survey and magnetic susceptibility survey where the artifacts were found. The pedestrian survey consisted of staff walking the fields, flagging artifacts on the surface, and recording their location. The magnetic susceptibility survey helps identify areas of interest within large sites by measuring disruptions to the earth’s magnetic field caused by subsurface inclusions (including artifacts). 


Staff recovered other artifacts, including glass and pearlware. Further study of the site is needed before reaching conclusions, but this appears to be one more component in a broad range of sites along the Oakington Peninsula! To learn more about what Harford County is doing to protect archeological sites, visit our Archeology page.

Harford County Landmark Inspections

To check on the condition of our Harford County Historic Landmarks and Districts, our Historic Preservation staff conducted inspections at all 69 properties between September and December 2021. 


We are happy to report that our Landmarks are being responsibly maintained. None of the landmarks are in deteriorated condition.

Whats New3

This also gave us the time to check in with some of our Landmark owners to see if they had any concerns or needed assistance. Our historic preservation staff works hard to ensure that Landmark owners know that we are here to be their partners in preservation!


Interested in nominating a Historic Landmark? Visit our Landmark Information page.