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As a Harford County native with over 30 years in public service, I am honored to serve as your seventh county executive. From my early days with the Level Volunteer Fire Company throughout my terms in the local and state legislature, I have promoted fiscal responsibility and our county’s rural values.  

As county executive, my administration is committed to creating opportunities that strengthen our families and communities, enhance economic vitality, and promote excellence in public safety and public education. Each day, our dedicated county employees work efficiently to serve our customers, the citizens of Harford County. Together, we are making government more like your smartphone – smaller, faster and with better customer service. 

To keep you informed of our progress, I invite you to subscribe to my free e-newsletter, “FYI from Barry Glassman.” My administration has also developed online communication tools for convenient, 24/7 access to information. For more personal service, our Office of Governmental & Community Relations welcomes the opportunity to answer your questions, solve problems, and hear your comments. Learn more in the links on this page. 

I said at my inauguration that we would not squander this chance to make a difference. On behalf of my entire administration, thank you again for the opportunity to be of service.   

Barry Glassman
County Executive

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