Criminal Circuit Court

If you are summoned for a Criminal Circuit Court case, you should call 410-638-3243, the evening before the scheduled trial date, after 5 p.m., for a recorded message of reporting instructions. Reporting instructions will include 1 or more of the following categories:
  1. Cases where witnesses are needed to report at 9 a.m.,
  2. Cases where witnesses are not needed to report, and
  3. Cases where witnesses will be placed on *standby
Additional Information
  1. If you are instructed to report no later than 9:00 a.m., on the day of trial, you should report to the main office of the State's Attorney, 20 W. Courtland Street.
  2. If you are instructed that you do not have to appear for your case, it means that your case is going to be postponed or settled by a plea agreement. If a case is postponed, a new trial date will be given and you will receive another subpoena at a later time. You may call the Victim/Witness Unit on the next business day after the trial date to inquire if the case was settled or postponed. 
  3. If your case is placed on *Standby, you will be given a specific time to call back for further reporting instructions.