District Court Division

The District Court Division prosecutes a variety of offenses and handles a significant percentage of the Office’s caseload. In 2014, the District Court Division handled over 8,200 cases. The District Court Division prosecutes most misdemeanor offenses, certain non-violent felonies, serious traffic offenses, as well as violations of county and municipal ordinances.

The District Court does not conduct jury trials; therefore, defendants in certain cases may elect a prayer for jury trial (PJT) which transfers their cases to the Circuit Court. For more information please visit the PJT page. Unless waived, Defendants have a right of appeal which also transfers their cases to the Circuit Court.

The District Court often schedules cases within 30 to 90 days. Paralegals of the District Court Division meet with complainants and prepare these cases for trial. It is paramount that complainants and witnesses comply with paralegal requests for information promptly so that cases can be ready for prosecution on the trial date.

Additional Information

In addition to prosecuting District Court cases, District Court Division prosecutors are also assigned to specialty courts such as DUI court, Drug Court, Domestic Violence dockets, and the Mental Health Diversion Program. Other prosecutors in the District Court Division review Expungement Petitions and cases referred to Community Mediation.