Circuit Court Division

The Circuit Court Division prosecutes the most serious crimes committed in our community.  The Circuit Court prosecutors bring to trial men and women accused of murder, robbery, child abuse, sex offenses, drug distribution and other felonies. Cases also come into the Circuit Court Division of the State's Attorney's Office as a result of when a defendant requests a trial by jury in the District Court. A prayer for jury trial (PJT) is entered, therefore removing jurisdiction from the District Court to the Circuit Court. For more information on a (PJT) Click Here.

Cases come into the State's Attorney usually as the result of a police investigation and are screened for felonies and if appropriate, assigned to prosecutors for presentation to the Grand Jury, which means that they educate the Grand Jury on the various criminal offenses and the minimum level of evidence needed to indict or hold the defendant for a trial. Attorneys from this division are also specially assigned to the Harford County Narcotics Task Force, Harford County Family Justice Center, and the Harford County Child Advocacy Center.

All attorneys are assigned a diverse caseload to maintain litigation experience.  Specific attorneys in the Circuit Court Division have had training, experience and involvement in the specialized areas of homicide, crimes of violence, child abuse, white-collar crime, arson and narcotics investigation and prosecutions.