Victim Witness Assistance Unit

Once a case is indicted by the Grand Jury or an "Information" has been filed, the Victim Witness Assistance Unit establishes contact with the victim by sending a letter and brochure explaining the rights to which a victim is entitled. Through early contact with a victim, any specialized needs of the victim can be identified and the stress and trauma of the criminal justice process is minimized.

The Victim/Witness Assistance Unit also acts as a Liaison between the witnesses and the prosecutor. Prosecutors are often in Court trying other cases and are not available for all calls. If you are unable to contact the prosecutor assigned to your case and need immediate assistance, contact the Victim/Witness Assistance Unit.

It is very important that victims and witnesses keep the State's Attorney's Office informed of their current address and telephone number so that we can contact them about their case. If victims or witnesses move, they must call our office.