Important Terms

This office will be asking for the information regarding your injuries and any out-of-pocket expenses incurred by you as a result of this offense. This information will be made accessible to the judge and where appropriate, the court may order the defendant to reimburse you for your losses as part of the sentence. If restitution is ordered by the Court, it is supervised by the Department of Parole and Probation during the term of the defendant's probation. Payments are usually distributed from the Department of Parole and Probation in monthly increments during the term of the defendant's probation.

Property Return
This office will assist with the return of property held in evidence by the police or the court. When possible, we will ask for prompt property return soon after a defendant is charged.

Employer Intercession
Coming to court to testify as a State's witness is both a civic duty and a legal obligation. If your employer needs any assistance from us regarding your status as a State's witness, please let us know.

Private Waiting Area

This office will provide a separate waiting room from the accused, which is located in the Courthouse, Office of the State's Attorney.

Court Accompaniment

Upon request, a member of the Victim/Witness Assistance Unit will accompany you to Court.