Juvenile Drug Court

The Harford County Juvenile Drug Court has been developed as a more effective program to help reduce the adverse impact of repeat drug offenders in Harford County.

All agencies involved concur that a more effective treatment alternative is needed to cope with the problem. The purpose is to channel non-violent defendants arrested on criminal charges into a comprehensive program of drug treatment and rehabilitation services. The Harford County Juvenile Drug Court will begin operations in the Circuit Court for Harford County.

Goals & objectives

The Harford County Juvenile Drug Court will focus on 30 non-violent juvenile offenders and their families who commit substance abuse violations and/or crimes that support their substance abuse. The four goals of the juvenile drug court are:
  • Reduction of substance abuse
  • Reduction of recidivism
  • To increase participants sense of self worth
  • To increase positive family functioning

Additional information

Questions regarding the legal process or eligibility for the Drug Court Program can be directed to the Drug Court prosecutor or Drug Court legal assistant at 410-638-3231.