Sanction & Incentives

The Mental Health Diversion Program (MHDP) team seeks to establish a rehabilitative and recovery relationship with the participant by supervising and reinforcing a treatment plan. The MHDP team reviews progress and compliance by discussing reports from treatment providers and case managers. During those case reviews, the team makes plans to reward participant successes and, when necessary, impose sanctions when the participant deviates from the treatment plan.

Incentive Examples
  • Participant of the Month Award
  • Decreased court appearances
  • Financial and case management support geared towards pursuing goals such as education, employment, and independent housing
Sanction Examples
  • Writing Assignments
  • Community Work Service
  • Increased number of contacts with MHDP team members or treatment providers
  • Increased court appearances or drug screenings
  • Incarceration
  • MHDP contract terminated