Economic Development Advisory Board

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Wednesday, October 12, 2022 | 8- 9:30 AM     CANCELLED


Terms expire December 5, 2022

Applied technology

  • Bruce England
  • Tony Steelman
  • Pritesh Patel
  • Laura Thomas
  • Jeffrey Murter
  • Sharon Jacobs
  • Itsara Ounnarath

Business and workforce development

  • Diane Sengstacke
  • Tricia Miller
  • Angela Rose
  • Matthew Scales
  • William Sorenson


  • City of Aberdeen (representative)
  • Town of Bel Air (representative)
  • City of Havre de Grace (representative)
  • Country treasurer - Robbie Sandlass
  • County council - Councilman Giangiordano
  • State delegation (representative)
  • Aberdeen Proving Ground (representative)
  • Association of Realtors (representative)

Land use

  • Walter Tilley
  • William Vanden Eynden
  • Christopher Griffith
  • Kristin Kirkwood
  • Bob Mumby

Public service

  • Dr. Sean Bulson
  • Mary Hastler
  • Mark Shaver
  • Robert Lewis Jr.
  • Dr. Theresa Felder


  • Howard McComas
  • Maria Terry
  • Elizabeth Hopkins
  • Benny Walker
  • Ronald Fisher
  • Susan Phipps

About the board

This board consists of 28 members appointed by the county executive and confirmed by the county council. Members of the board will represent the county's population with respect to race, gender, geography, and political affiliation. Members are selected because of their known experience and interest in the economic development of Harford County.

Board members will represent each of the following industries:
  • Six members from retail/service
  • Seven members from applied technology (manufacturing, international trade)
  • Five members from land use (agriculture, residential development, business development)
  • Five members from public services (superintendent of Harford County Schools, president of Harford Community College, director of Harford County Library, utilities, training, transportation)
  • Five members from business and workforce development (Small Business Development Center, Susquehanna Region Private Industry Council, Chamber of Commerce, Association of the United States Army)
The members of the board will serve at the pleasure of the county executive, who will annually select a chair and vice-chair.


The Economic Development Advisory Board's duties are:
  1. Review the budget of the Office of Economic Development
  2. Develop goals and objectives for the board that support and complement the county's overall goals and objectives for economic development
  3. Support and encourage the location of new industrial enterprises in the county and the expansion of present enterprises
  4. Support and encourage the development of recreational areas and tourist business in the county
  5. Review legislation and policy decisions in order to identify the impact they have on economic development in Harford County
  6. Participate in an annual review of a strategic plan for economic development in conjunction with the Office of Economic Development and Departments of Planning & Zoning, Public Works, and Parks & Recreation
  7. Maintain a permanent liaison with Aberdeen Proving Ground with the objective of providing economic opportunities relating to APG activities
For more information, please call Amy McClaskey at 410-638-3045 ext. 1807.