Restoration Projects

Harford County's Bureau of Stormwater Management has been completing restoration projects for approximately 15 years. While most of the restoration projects have been identified through watershed assessments, projects were completed on a site by site basis, without a focus on restoring the entire watershed. In 2009 with the completion of the Wheel Creek Watershed Assessment, focus has shifted to restoring an entire watershed.

Restoration projects are structural controls that include the construction of a stormwater wetland or stream restoration, or the planting of trees along the stream channel. These types of projects can also include the upgrade of an existing stormwater management facility to meet the newest stormwater management regulations. Restoration projects are constructed to slow the speed and /or remove pollutants from the stormwater entering the stream.

For more information about watershed restoration visit the Center for Watershed Protection, Low Impact Development Center, and the Rainscaping website.

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