Taco Bell Site Plan

Meeting Date/Time: Monday, January 8, 2018 at 6:00pm
Meeting Location: The Lodge, 2119 Conowingo Road, Bel Air, Maryland 21014
Location of Proposed Development: Located on the southeast side of Hickory Bypass - U.S. Route 1 at the intersection with North Fountain Green Road - Maryland Route 543 - in Bel Air, Maryland.
Description of Proposed Development: Site includes 1.1379 acres currently zoned CI and will include one (1) approximately 2,753 square foot Taco Bell restaurant with one (1) drive through window.
Applicant: Brown, Brown & Young, P.A.
Contact: Jay Young at Brown, Brown & Young, P.A. at (410) 838-5500 or jay@lawbrown.com