Will I have to pay more for my trash removal?
At this time it is uncertain what residents and businesses will pay for trash disposal service in 2016. Harford County will be performing a rate study within the next year to develop a new solid waste disposal fee structure to incorporate into the new plan that will go into effect in 2016.

Every feasible solid waste alternative resulted in increased disposal costs. The rate study will evaluate revenue mechanisms to fund the solid waste program and how those revenues will translate to disposal costs passed onto the customers. The new solid waste fee structure will be implemented to become effective when this new plan commences.

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1. Why do we need to change the way we dispose of waste?
2. So where will the trash be going?
3. What were the other alternatives that were considered?
4. What happened to the proposed solid waste transfer station on Philadelphia Road in Joppa?
5. What will happen to the Waste-to-Energy facility?
6. What will happen to the Harford Waste Disposal Center landfill on Scarboro Road?
7. Will my curbside trash collection service change by this plan?
8. Will I have to pay more for my trash removal?
9. Whom can I contact with concerns or questions about this plan?