If there is an accident, how do I report it?

Harford County Code requires that all releases of a hazardous material be reported at once to the Harford County Division of Emergency Operations. You may call 911 to make the report, even if a full response from the hazmat team and fire department are not needed. The dispatchers at 911 are trained to take the information and make the proper notifications based on the type of material and the environment into which it was released.

For a small spill that has been contained and presents no public or environmental hazard, you may just have a visit from a hazmat representative. If the spill is large or a threat to the public and/or the environment, a full response will be sent to assist you in cleanup.

Facility operators are required by local, state and federal law to make other notifications to proper authorities. On the local level they should call 9-1-1 and make the report. Maryland law requires notification to the Maryland Department of the Environment and in certain cases federal notification will have to be made through the National Response Center. Non-reporting can result in criminal charges and/or huge fines, some as high as $25,000 per day. If you are in doubt, report it.

The Right-to-Know, a guide for environmental compliance is available free from the Local Emergency Planning Committee. This publication covers all reporting requirements, phone numbers and report forms to assist you in making proper notification in the event of an accident. Contact the LEPC at 410-638-4900.

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