How can I see Harford County’s flood maps and find out more information?
The Harford County Department of Planning and Zoning is the repository of all Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMS) for Harford County. The municipalities (Aberdeen, Bel Air, Havre de Grace) also have the FIRMs for their localities, along with updated flood studies and Letters of Map Amendments (LOMA). You can speak to Harford County’s floodplain manager at 410-638-3103.

Additionally, FEMA and its Map Service Center (MSC) have several features to allow the viewing and purchasing of FEMA flood maps on the internet. One feature is the MSC Product Map Search which allows the user to simply type in the property address to view the FIRM. Call MSC customer service for assistance with free downloads and documents at 800-358-9616, or download documents from FEMA National Flood Hazard Layer Map

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5. How can I see Harford County’s flood maps and find out more information?
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