What are the steps involved in Harford County's Development Process?
Plans for proposed subdivisions are submitted to the Department of Planning and Zoning for review by all involved agencies. Subdivision includes any division of land except for agricultural purposes. Subdivision of more than 5 residential lots and development of institutional and commercial sites are reviewed by the Development Advisory Committee (DAC). When all written comments have been received and issues resolved, a Preliminary Plan Approval (the creation of new lots) and/or Site Plan Approval (for new/change/expansion in use) is granted by the Department of Planning and Zoning. A final plat (surveyed description of the new lots) is circulated for signatures and recorded in the Harford County Court House. Detailed construction plans for water, sewer, roads, stormwater management, and sediment and erosion control are submitted to the County for final design review. Building Permit applications may be made after the final plat is recorded and a Public Works Agreement is executed and a bond posted to ensure that the public roads are constructed and accepted by the County.

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1. What are the steps involved in Harford County's Development Process?
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