How do I submit a Flexible Benefit claim?
Mail or Fax the FSA claim form and receipt (if applicable) to HFS. Human Resources

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1. How can I calculate my expenses and deductions?
2. How do I submit a Flexible Benefit claim?
3. How will I know the balance that is still available in my FSA?
4. If there is a problem with my account and or reimbursement, who should I contact?
5. What expenses are eligible for reimbursement from Flexible Benefits?
6. What forms of reimbursement are available for Flexible Benefits?
7. What happens if I do not use all of my balance?
8. What is a FSA and the benefit gained by using?
9. What is the deadline for me to submit my claims for Flexible Benefits?
10. What is the difference between a Health Care FSA and Dependent Care FSA?
11. What is the time frame that I have to use my Flexible Benefits account?
12. When am I able to start using my Flexible Benefit account?
13. When will I receive my Flexible Benefit reimbursement?
14. Who is Eligible for Flexible Benefits?