Did Harford County hire an outside consultant to help develop a School Impact Fee?
Yes they did. Harford County contracted with Tischler and Associates, a nationally respected fiscal, economic and planning consulting firm that specializes in impact fees. The firm has assisted more than 500 jurisdictions in their efforts to develop impact fee programs. The planning and legal framework for establishing Impact Fees in Harford County was established through Tischler and Associates preparation of a School Impact Fee Study, which was completed and presented to the Harford County Council in December 2004. This study outlined key components necessary to justify re-establishment of School Impact Fees and included detailed discussions and analyses on fee methodologies, credits, maximum supportable impact fees, student generation rates, collection and expenditure zones, chronology of redistricting activity, inventories of public schools, local cost of public schools and school sites, vehicles and equipment, credit for future payments on school by projects, implementation and administration, and demographic and development projections.

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1. What is an Impact Fee?
2. How much are the Public School Impact Fees?
3. Who pays the Impact Fee?
4. When will the Impact Fee be paid?
5. What will the Impact Fee be used for?
6. What uses can be exempted from payment of an Impact Fee?
7. If I buy an existing home, will I be charged an Impact Fee?
8. How do Impact Fees benefit existing, as well as new, residents?
9. Do School Impact Fees apply to the incorporated towns in Harford County?
10. Are changes in use or additions to existing houses charged an Impact Fee?
11. What is an Impact Fee credit?
12. Can the Impact Fee revenues be deposited in a general fund?
13. Do Impact Fee revenues have to be spent within a certain period of time?
14. f Harford County has to refund Impact Fees collected at some time in the future, who receives the refund?
15. Did Harford County hire an outside consultant to help develop a School Impact Fee?
16. What is the legal basis to charge School Impact Fees in Harford County?
17. What other jurisdictions in Maryland charge a School Impact Fee?