What is a Site Plan?

A site plan is a drawing of a parcel or lot, prepared to scale, showing accurate and complete dimensions of the property including all buildings, structures, driveways and uses (existing and proposed) and distances to property lines. For subdivision lots, a site plan should include recorded easements and/or environmental restrictions such as forest retention, Natural Resource District (NRD), floodplain, floodway or Critical Area. For commercial lots, a site plan may require more detailed information.

Site plans are required when applying for a Building Permit/Zoning Certificate to determine conformance with the Harford County Zoning Code and to document the location of existing and proposed improvements or uses. Improvements and uses associated with the approved Building Permit/Zoning Certificate should substantially conform to the Site Plan submitted.

Accurate and complete site plans provide Planning and Zoning staff the ability to assist you with questions regarding your property. When detailed and unique conditions of your site are documented, we can provide you with specific, rather than general, information regarding your inquiry and compliance with the Harford County Zoning Code.

Sample Site Plan

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