What happens if I don’t report to jury duty or I fail to respond to the court’s questionnaire?

Failure to appear for jury duty or failure to return your completed juror qualification form is a serious matter and is punishable by a fine and/or imprisonment. You may be issued an Order (by certified mail) to appear before the Court and “Show Cause” as to why you did not respond to the summons/report for jury duty. Please call or email the Jury Commissioner’s Office for more information. SCAM ALERT: The Jury Commissioner’s Office (or a Law Enforcement agent acting on behalf of the Court/Jury Commissioner) WILL NOT call (or email) you about failing to appear for jury duty and request money (or credit card/bank/financial information or pre-paid debit cards, etc.) as a payment for a fine or bond. We WILL NOT ask you for your Social Security Number either. Protect yourself: Do NOT give the requested information. Instead, please notify the Harford County Jury Commissioner’s Office at 410-638-3251 about any suspicious phone calls/emails regarding failing to appear for jury duty AND report the scam to your local law enforcement agency (Harford County Sheriff’s Office 410-838-6600) immediately. Never give personal information when answering an unsolicited phone call or email message.

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