Can my property be a Harford County Historic Landmark?

To be eligible for a historic landmark designation in Harford County, a site, structure, building, district, or object must be surveyed in the Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties,  at least 50 years of age or older, have sufficient integrity of location, design, materials, workmanship AND meet one or more of the following:

1.   Historical and Cultural Significance:

  • is associated with events that have made a significant contribution to national, state, or local history;
  • is associated with the lives of persons significant in national, state, or local history;
  • has character, interest or value as part of the heritage or culture of Harford County, the State of Maryland or the United States; or
  • has the potential to provide important information about history or prehistory (archaeology)

2.   Architectural and Design Significance:

  • embodies the distinctive characteristics of a particular architectural style or period, or method of construction;
  • represents the work of a notable architect or master builder;
  • possesses high artistic value; or
  • represents a significant and distinguishable entity whose components may lack individual distinction (historic districts).

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