What is the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC)?

The Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) consists of seven volunteer members who are appointed by the county executive. Each HPC member possesses a demonstrated interest, specific knowledge, or professional or academic training in the fields of history, architectural history, architecture, planning, archaeology, historic preservation, landscape architecture, urban design, or related disciplines. The HPC is staffed by the county’s historic preservation planner, who provides technical assistance and serves as a liaison between county departments and the HPC. The HPC recommends Harford County properties for inclusion on Harford County Historic Landmark list, considers petitions for Harford County Historic District, reviews proposals for exterior alterations to designated Harford County Historic Landmarks, and advises the county executive on the protection, enhancement and perpetuation of historic resources that are significant in Harford County’s historic and cultural heritage.

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4. What is the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC)?
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