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1. Do I have to pay for sewer if I water my lawn or fill my swimming pool?
2. How can I connect to the county's water and sewer system?
3. How often will I receive a water and sewer bill? What are the rates?
4. I am going to be renting a home. Can I receive the water and sewer bill?
5. I am moving from my present home in Harford County. What do I need to do?
6. I have a question concerning my water and sewer bill. Who do I contact?
7. Why have I been billed for water and sewer usage for three months for a house I just bought one month ago?
8. What happens if I don't pay my water and sewer bill?
9. What is the user benefit assessment?
10. When are the water and sewer assessment notices mailed to properties owners?
11. Why do I have to pay for water and sewer service when I am already paying property taxes?
12. Where can I pay my water and sewer bill?