The Harford County Council is the Franchising Authority for Cable Television in Harford County excluding the Municipalities.

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Do I have a legal right to receive cable television service?

You do not have an absolute right to receive cable service. The County Council has awarded franchises to 3 cable companies to operate various areas of the county. Under these agreements the companies are required to provide cable service to a citizen if  conditions are met: the citizen must reside in an area where the housing density meets the requirements specified in the Franchise Agreement; and the citizen's home must be located within a designated distance of an existing trunk line maintained by the cable company.

Who do I contact with question regarding the cable franchise agreement?
Email Charles Kearney, Council Attorney or call at 410-638-3343.

When a cable company installs a cable line in an easement that is on my property, is the company obligated to restore my property to the condition it was in prior to the installation?

The franchise agreement requires that the cable companies replace and restore at their own expense all pavement (including sidewalks, driveways and streets) disturbed. The pavement must be in as good a condition it was before the work began. The franchise agreement deals specifically with paved surfaces and does not discuss grassy areas that may be disturbed during installation; however, the cable companies normally reseed any grassy area that they disturb during installation.

Does the County Council regulate the prices charged by the cable companies for cable service?

No. Federal law previously allowed Harford County to regulate some prices charged by the cable companies, but that authority was out under federal law. The federal government (The Federal Communications Commission) establishes the guidelines by which cable companies may set their prices.

Are answers to questions related to the cable franchise agreement these answers the same if I live in Aberdeen, Bel Air or Havre de Grace, or at Aberdeen proving ground?

Not necessarily. Aberdeen, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Bel Air, and Havre de Grace all have separate franchise agreements with cable providers. If you live in one of these places, you should check with officials there. The telephone numbers are:

City of Aberdeen 410-272-2222
Town of Bel Air 410-638-4550
City of Havre de Grace 410-939-1800
Aberdeen Proving Ground 410-278-5201