Maryland Public Information Act Requests (MPIAs)

To obtain written records from the Department of Inspections, Licenses & Permits or the Department of Planning and Zoning, please click on one of the following:

DILP PIA Requests
PandZ PIA Requests

All other written requests for the production of County records may be submitted to the Department of Law. Such requests should be submitted to Jeanette Perry, the Office Manager and Chief Legal Assistant: 

The advantage of submitting an MPIA request to the Department of Law is that it will determine whether any County Department or agency has responsive records, will track the production effort; and will serve as a sole point of contact.

Fees for actual costs incurred in excess of two hours of time for research, preparation and production will be assessed.  Records taking in excess of two hours to locate and prepare will not be produced until payment of such fees is made. In the event of a very broad request, the County may, in its discretion, request a deposit before expending more than two hours of research time to prepare a response.

Requests should be narrowly tailored in order to avoid incurring fees related to production.

Requests for waiver of fees should be made in concert with the written MPIA request and a written explanation of why fee waiver is appropriate should be included.

Electronic production of records is preferred. An email address should be provided with a request to obtain electronic production.

A $5.00 fee/thumb drive will be assessed for records produced via thumb drive.

A $.30 per page fee for each 8½” by 11” or 8½” by 14” page produced will be charged for black and white paper copies.  A higher per page fee will be charged for color copies and for larger pages produced.