Online Senior Center Questions

What is CivicRec?

We are very pleased to announce that the Senior Center Division has adopted CivicRec as our online registration system! CivicRec allows you to renew your senior center membership, to browse our class catalog and to register and pay for classes from the comfort of your home! 

CivicRec will be used for any activities that require advance registration, with the exception of our lunch program (unless it is a Lunch and Learn program, which may be available for online registration).  Members who dine with us will sign up for lunch in person or via phone as they have done in the past.

 Things to know to get started:

Step 1:  Set up a CivicRec account to access the senior center catalog (see instructions under question 4).      

You only need to do this step one time.  Every member wishing to register online must set up his or her own account and have a unique email address. Your account information, your senior center membership and all transaction history will be available to you through CivicRec at any time by logging in to your account. 

Step 2:  If you are a current senior center member, renew your senior center membership as soon as possible.  

Select “Senior Center Membership” from the activities list in the online catalog and add this to your cart. You will be prompted through the process. You will then receive an email asking you to agree to and sign the membership online.

Step 3:  We encourage you to register for our free online sample class videos 

This is a great as a way to become familiar with the new class registration and checkout process. 


What if I am not currently a senior center member?

If you are not currently a senior center member, please visit your local center with a valid ID to complete your initial membership. Membership is free!  Once that is completed, you can create an online account! However, even if you are not a senior center member, you still have access to our free online programs through the web site. Visit this link:


How do I create a CivicRec User Account? 

To create a user account, click on this link:

Click on Log In/Create Account

Enter in all requested information. (Note: You will be required to enter one Emergency Contact, and that will include a required email address.  If your emergency contact does not have an email address, please use your own email address as a placeholder.  If there is an emergency, we will use the phone number to contact that person, not email.

Click Save & Close when complete

You are now ready to browse the online catalog! Note that only classes currently available will appear.

Note:  You will be required to renew your Senior Center Membership the first time you use the catalog, and each year when you reach your expiration date.  You will not be able to add activities to your cart until you complete the membership renewal check out process, but it only takes a few minutes! The online membership eliminates the need for the paper membership forms we used in the past.  


Do I need my own an email account to set up an online account in CivicRec?

YES.  Every senior center member who wishes to register for classes online will need a unique email address—you cannot use a shared email address.    For members who do not use a computer at all, staff can assist with creating a CivicRec account and at registration time as needed.


Can I update my contact information online?

Yes, you can update your information anytime! Click on Account on the online catalog page.  This will take you to your DASHBOARD screen. Click the pencil icon to the right of your mane and address to edit.  Update any information as needed, and then click “Save User” on the bottom left of the screen.


Can I renew my Senior Center Membership online?

Yes!  The first time you log in to CivicRec and create an account, you will select “Senior Center Membership” from the list of activities in the online catalog.  Add it to your cart, and follow the checkout process.

Once you have processed your initial online membership, you can easily renew your membership each year. There are several ways to do this.  From your DASHSBOARD, click on “Manager Memberships”.  It will show you the status of your membership and if it needs to be renewed. 

Should your membership expire, you will be alerted in CivicRec to renew your membership any time you attempt to register for a class or activity online.  Simply follow the prompts and your membership will be renewed (at no cost) for another year during the checkout process.  It is quick and easy!


How will online registration work?

Until we are offering in-person classes at the center, our Virtual Senior Center is currently set up in CivicRec and contains the full library of free, single-video classes that we have created over the past year.  We strongly encourage you to “register” for these classes to become familiar with the system.  You can register for these video classes anytime.

You can browse the classes, add them to your “cart” and complete the “checkout” process (without payment).  This will also allow you to see how the registration confirmation works and allow you to view a receipt.  By practicing the checkout process with our free video classes, you will be familiar with how to register online when the next registration period for center classes opens.


I do not use a computer at all.  Do I have to create a CivicRec account? 

Yes, you will need to create a CivicRec account, but staff can assist you. We will be recording all senior center membership information in CivicRec.  If you register for any classes or events that require advanced registration at the center, you will need a CivicRec account.  We will schedule HELP sessions for staff to assist people in creating a CivicRec account.


Can I still register for classes at the center?

Yes, if you are unable to register online, you can still register at the center using a credit or debit card only.  If you can use a computer, you can use the PCs in our computer lab to complete your registration.  If you need assistance, we will schedule HELP sessions for staff to assist people in registering for classes during the registration period.

Please note that we will NOT use CivicRec for the Lunch Program or for Harford Transit.  You will sign up for them the same way you have done in the past.


If I cannot register online, how can I ensure I will get in my class(es)?

While we can never ensure that every person will get a spot in his or her desired class, we will have staff available to assist anyone who needs help with online registration on high volume days.  It will save time if your CivicRec account is set up session ahead of the registration dates.  We will post information in the centers and on our web page about when staff is available to assist you.


I do not have a computer at home and rely on the use of the senior center computer lab. Can I use the computers at the center to create a CivicRec account and register for classes?

Yes, you can create your CivicRec account using a senior center computer lab PC.  You can also self-register for classes using the lab PCs at the center during scheduled class registration periods.  More information about using the labs for self-registration will be announced in advance of our next class registration period.


How do I get help if I run into trouble setting up my account or registering online from home?

Click on the “HELP” button on the home screen to send an email message, or send an email directly to  Please describe your issue and someone will get back to you within one business day.  Please include the best email address and phone number to reach you at during business hours (8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.)


Will you still print a paper catalog?

The paper catalog will be replaced by a more streamlined printed class list.  This list will be available in centers during class registration periods.  The catalog will now be online in CivicRec.


What happens if I have an issue while I am registering online at home?

Click on the “HELP” button on the home screen to send an email message, or send an email directly to  Please include your name, describe your issue, and tell us the best way to reach you at during business hours (8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.). Please include your phone number! Someone will get back to you within one business day.  


Will we still have to fill out the class registration paperwork?

No, the class catalog will be online and the system will generate a receipt for you.  For those who do not use computers, we will have printed class list available for reference, and staff will be available to assist those members with registrations.


How will I get a receipt/confirmation of my registration?

You will receive two receipts via email once your registration is complete.  One from the Harford County Office on Aging confirming your class registration and one from ACI Payments confirming your credit card payment.  You can also find current and past transaction receipts any time from your online Dashboard in CivicRec.


How can I register for classes if I do not want to use a credit card?

You must use a credit or debit card to register for classes, whether you register at home or in person at the center. We no longer accept check or cash payments for classes.  If you need to use a computer at the center, please keep in mind that if you come in person, the computer labs may be busy with members needing assistance during registration periods and there may be a wait to access the computers.


If I add a class to my cart, will it stay there if I want to finish checking out later? 

Once you add a class or classes to your cart, items will stay in your cart for 20 minutes to allow time for you to complete your transaction. Please do not begin the online registration process until you are be ready to complete the transaction.  This is important to remember if you sign up for multiple classes.  


Can I register on a mobile device, such as an iPad, Android tablet or cell phone?

Yes, although the screens may look different.   CivicPlus officially cites Google Chrome as the recommended browser that works most effectively with your CivicRec product.


Can I register for someone else?

No. You can only register for one spot in any given class/activity, and each member must sign into his or her unique account to register for a class.


Can I switch to a different class? How?

Please see front desk staff at the center if you need to switch from one class to another.


If the class is full, can I get on a waiting list?  

Yes, we will maintain an online waiting list for classes that are full, but we cannot guarantee that a spot will open in the class.  If we have a cancellation, we will notify you by phone and email of the opportunity to register for the class in CivicRec.  You must complete your registration and payment for the class opening within 24 hours of us notifying you, or the opening will be offered to the next person on the list.  Please note that once the class begins, the waiting list will be voided.


If the class is not full and the registration deadline is past, can I still sign up?

We do not accept registrations past the registration deadline date, regardless of the class enrollment.


How long does a refund take?

If a refund request is approved and you do not wish to accept a credit on your CivicRec account for a future class, we will request a refund.  All refunds are issued by check.  Once we receive your request, please allow three weeks for your refund check to arrive in the mail.  We do not issue credits to credit card accounts.