The mission of the Farm Brewery Study Group is to study the placement, construction, minimum acreage, and operation of farm breweries and any other issue related to a farm brewery which the group determines to be relevant.  The Study group will present its report, including any recommendations, to the County Council within 80 days of the date Bill No. 21-012 becomes law. 


Council Members
Robert Wagner
Tony Giangiordano
Representative from the Harford County Sheriff’s Office
Erik Robey
Representative from the Farm Bureau
Michele Magness-Hill
Juliet McGuirk - Alternate
Representative of the Harford County Farming Community
 Alice Archer
Representative from Harford County Planning and Zoning
Jenny Jarkowski
Representative from Harford County Inspections, Licenses and Permits
Paul Lawder
Representatives from the Farm Brewery industry
Kevin Atticks – Executive Director, Brewers Association of Maryland
Alex Galbreath, President, Falling Branch Brewery  

Agendas and Minutes 

June 23, 2021 agenda
June 23, 2021 minutes
July 12, 2021 agenda
July 12, 2021 minutes
August 4, 2021 agenda
August 4, 2021 minutes
August 25, 2021 agenda
August 25, 2021 minutes

Reports Provided to Council

The Farm Brewery Study Group will provide periodic reports to the County Council to update them on their progress.