About Tax Sale

What is Tax Sale?
Tax Sale is where a property is sold at public auction to the highest bidder for nonpayment of property taxes and other fees. At the Tax Sale the bidding starts at taxes due plus interest and penalties and other expenses incurred in making the sale. The lien on the property then passes to the Tax Sale purchaser. A Tax Sale certificate is given to the purchaser. The Tax Sale certificate is valid for a period of two years unless redemption of the property occurs. For redemption to occur, in general, the property owner must pay the County the following:
  1. The total price paid at the Tax Sale for the property together with interest
  2. Any taxes, interest, and penalties paid by any holder of the certificate of sale
  3. Any taxes, interest, and penalties accruing after the date of the Tax Sale
  4. Any expenses or fees for which the holder of the certificate of sale is entitled for reimbursement in any action or preparation for foreclosure on the property