What is single stream recycling?

Single stream recycling allows for the recycling of everything acceptable (glass, plastic, metal, aluminum and paper) to be set out all together in the same container and on the same day. It also increases the items that can be recycled at curbside, including all numbers of plastic containers (i.e. beverage and food, laundry soap, dish soap, peanut butter jars, margarine tubs, yogurt containers), rigid plastic items (lawn furniture, plastic coolers, drinking cups, 5-gallon buckets, flower pots, nursery pots, garbage cans, plastic toys), glass food and beverage bottles and jars and metal and aluminum cans, aluminum foil, aluminum disposable bakeware, empty aerosol cans, and milk and orange juice cartons.

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1. What is single stream recycling?
2. Do I need trash collection to have curbside recycling collection?
3. How do I know what day of the week my recycling will be picked up by my trash collector?
4. Why doesn’t Harford County provide recycling containers to residents?
5. I was only provided with one recycling sticker to place on my container to designate it for recycling. What if I have more than one container?
6. Why can’t I recycle plastic bags at curbside? Where can they be recycled?
7. What type of plastics can I put out for recycling?
8. What happens to the paper, metal, glass, plastic and aluminum after it is collected from my house and how are they separated?
9. What do I do if I need more than one recycling container; is there a limit?
10. Can residents living in apartments and condominiums recycle?
11. Who do I call if my recycling wasn’t picked up?
12. Do I have to rinse my recyclables?
13. Do I have to take labels off of containers?
14. Why should we recycle when it’s easier just to landfill?
15. Will more people recycle now?
16. Do you have any drop-off locations?
17. What do you charge to drop off recycling?
18. What are the advantages to single stream?
19. What exactly can I put into my single stream container?
20. Can I put grass clippings and tree limbs into my recycling container?
21. How can I reduce the amount of catalogs I receive in the mail?
22. Are coroplast (polypropylene) campaign signs recyclable?