Transportation Planning

The Long Range Planning team provides transportation planning support to the county and represents the county in regional transportation planning forums. The goals and strategies of HarfordNEXT Chapter 6 Mobility and Connectivity guide transportation recommendations. Staff also evaluates traffic impact analyses of proposed developments and measures traffic volumes. Staff participates in local forums related to transportation and public health.

HarfordNEXT envisions Harford County becoming a truly multimodal community; where the choice to use transit, biking or walking is just as easy to make as driving a car. In the future, the great parks, schools, and commercial areas of the county and towns will be a safe walk or ride from neighborhoods. Studies have found a direct link between investment in biking and walking facilities and increased exercise. Because of this link, the US Department of Transportation (DOT) now calls these investments, “Active Transportation.”  DOT finds active transportation investments reduce congestion and improve air quality. They also find active transit increases transit use and improves the local economy for all socio-economic groups.