Man-made hazards/disasters

Nuclear incident/radiological emergency

Special plans have already been developed to protect the public in the event of a nuclear incident (PDF)  in our area. These plans give specific attention to citizens who live, work, or visit within 10 miles of a nuclear power plant. If necessary, area officials would declare an emergency and take measures to ensure public safety.

Terrorism and mass attacks

We can take steps to prepare, protect ourselves and help others in the event of terrorism or a mass attack like an active shooter (PDF)

Tune in

  1. Radio Stations With Emergency Alert System Messages

    • WXCY: 103.7 FM
    • WHFC: 91.1 FM

    EOC Direct Hookup to the Harford Cable Network

    • Armstrong: Channel 7
    • Comcast: Channel 21
    • Verizon: Channel 31