Annual Reports 

Annually, Harford County is required to submit a program summary to Maryland Department of the Environment or MDE. The summary outlines the County’s progress towards improving the health of local streams and Chesapeake Bay.

Report Cover

These programs are required under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System or NPDES program through the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA. The NPDES program requires counties and municipalities nationwide to apply for a permit that regulates local stream health or water quality. These permits are called (M)unicipal (S)eparate (S)torm (S)ewer (S)ystem or MS4 permits

Links to the County's most recent Annual Report are listed below:


2022 Annual MS4 Report


Appendix A - Permit Administration

Appendix B - Legal Authority

Appendix C1 - Source Identification (Stormdrains)

Appendix C2 - Source Identification (Industrial / Commercial Businesses)

Appendix C3 Source Identification (Stormwater Management)

Appendix C4 - Source Identification (Impervious Surfaces)

Appendix C5 - Source Identification (Monitoring Sites)

Appendix C6 - Source Identification (Watershed Restoration Projects)

Appendix D1 - Management Programs (Stormwater Management)

Appendix D2 - Management Programs (Erosion Sediment Control)

Appendix D3 - Management Programs (Illicit Discharge and Elimination)

Appendix D4 - Management Programs (Litter and Floatables)

Appendix D5 - Management Programs (Property Maintenance)

Appendix D6 - Management Programs (Public Education)

Appendix E1 - Restoration Plans (Watershed Assessments)

Appendix E2ai - Restoration Plans (Impervious Area Assessment)

Appendix E2aii (1) - Restoration Plans (Restoration Credits)

Appendix E2aii (2) - Restoration Plans (Restoration Inspections)

Appendix E2aii (3) - Restoration Plans (Restoration Monitoring) 

Appendix E2b - Restoration Plans (Restoration Plans for TMDLs)

Appendix E3 - Restoration Plans (Public Participation)

Appendix E4 - Restoration Plans (TMDL Compliance)

Appendix F1 - Assessment of Controls (Watershed Restoration Assessment)

Appendix F2 - Assessment of Controls (Stormwater Management Assessment)

Appendix G - Program Funding