Our Mission: 
 OICT provides information and communication technology services to 
Harford County Government and its residents.

Harford County Government has a primary mission to serve the needs and protect the interests of its residents.  With this in mind, the OICT team has identified three strategic objectives that further the mission of county government

  1. Enable open government.  Deliver technology solutions that increase the transparency of county government operations and make it easier for residents to find information and interact with county government functions through as many devices, including mobile, as possible.
  2. Provide equal access.  Build high-performance communication and data network infrastructure that interconnects county buildings and facilities; and improves the ability to connect with affiliated organizations and agencies.
  3. Support public safety.  Invest in technology and projects that increase public safety.  Integrate fire and EMS services with county government infrastructure and OICT support processes.

Through the strategic objectives, projects, and initiatives it undertake; there are several underlying principles that the OICT team follows in serving its mission: 

  • Security Always.  Information security and data privacy will always be considered when implementing new technologies and services.  Additionally, internal OICT operational processes will follow best practices for securing systems and data.
  • Cloud First.  The OICT has a “Cloud First” approach, which includes partnering with vendors and service providers, where possible, who are better able to provide technology-based capability more effectively, securely and cost-efficiently than with current OICT resources.
  • Innovation. The OICT team strives to find innovative ways to utilize technology and business processes to meet the continuous improvement needs of county government operations.
  • Partnership. The OICT team continuously collaborates with other county government departments and agencies to improve county government effectiveness.