Maryland Recycling Act Report for Businesses

The Maryland Recycling Act (MRA) requires Harford County to recycle at least 35% of the waste generated in the County. Traditionally, Harford County has been a leader in recycling, maintaining one of the highest recycling rates in the state. As of December 2021 (the last year for which figures are available) Harford's recycling rate was 44.87%.

Businesses that recycle material generated in Harford County provide valuable contributions to this rate. Businesses that self-report their recycling amounts assist Harford County in maintaining our recycling rate.

Harford County also seeks to highlight businesses that are recycling through the Partners in Recycling Program and the Recycling and Waste Reduction Awards Program.

If your business recycles any materials beyond the commercially available single stream service in Harford County, please select one of the following options to report those materials.

For information about mailing or faxing a form, please call 410-638-3417 or email Maryland Recycling Act.

MRA Tonnage Report Form Guidelines

View the MRA tonnage report form for guidelines and definitions. Please call 410-638-3417 with any questions.

Thank you for reporting your recycling and waste tonnages. Your help is critical in assuring that Harford County continues to be leader in recycling and waste diversion.

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