Learn about Streams 

Water exists in many different forms, including ice in glaciers, liquid in oceans, wetlands, streams, aquifers, and in gas or water vapor. These different forms of water make up the Earth's water cycle. Water can transform from one form to another but it is impossible to create "new" water so we must take care of the water we have. 

Water Cycle-USGS

Harford County Streams

Streams are important sources of drinking water, irrigation for crops, they play a big role in local economies through recreational opportunities, and they support wildlife habitats. There are three main classifications of streams:

1. Perennial - a stream that has water flowing in it year-round

2. Intermittent - a stream that has water flowing in it during certain times of the year

3. Ephemeral - a steam that only has water flowing in it for short times throughout the year, after precipitation events 

Harford County has many of each classification of stream, all of which impact the environment we live in!