Why is Stream Health Important?

Plumtree Run - Tributary to Winters Run

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Falling Branch Creek

Falling Branch Creek

Clean water is vital to all living things; it's the Earth’s most valuable resource. Unfortunately, replacement of vegetation with impervious surfaces like roads, parking lots, and rooftops, increases the chances that harmful pollutants and sediment make their way into streams and the watershed. 


What Happens When There is No Stormwater Management?

Water that flows directly from impervious surfaces is fast. The volume (amount) of water also increases because there is no chance for the water to infiltrate into the ground. Stormwater management facilities allow the water to partially infiltrate and/or outfall to the stream in a more controlled manor. Without this management, streams banks and vegetation can be quickly ripped away during large storms. 

In just a few years, a stream with no stormwater management may become completely degraded and destabilized. These streams are usually laden with polluted sediment, and offer little to no habitat for wildlife.