Passenger Etiquette

Harford Transit LINK Bus Courtesy

Courtesy toward other riders… Harford Transit LINK believes courtesy is contagious. Please treat others as you would want to be treated.  

Boarding the bus:
Please allow seniors and persons with disabilities to board the bus first. Arrive to the stop at least ten (10) minutes early. As the bus approaches, motion to the driver that you wish to board. Have bus pass/transfer or exact fare ready to place in the change box. Pennies are not accepted and our drivers cannot provide change.  

Cell phone use:
If you must use your cellphone, please be mindful of other passengers. 

Listening to music:
Headphones must be worn and kept at a reasonable volume level so as not to disturb others.

Extra Items: 
Passengers should keep carried on items to six bags or less and must be self-manageable.

The seat next to you:
Riders may not fill additional seats with packages and personal items.  

Seating for seniors or individuals with disabilities:
Our buses do not have designated areas for seniors so we ask riders to offer seats at the front of the bus to seniors. We do have special areas set aside at the front of the bus for individuals with disabilities.  

Animals on the LINK bus:
Only service animals are allowed aboard the LINK bus. Our driver may ask what purpose the animal serves. Current law permits passengers to bring a service animal onboard. If you are allergic or uncomfortable, you may need to change your seat location.

Use of perfumes and cologne…
Perfumes and colognes in an enclosed environment may have an allergic or offensive affect to others. Please be considerate of those with allergies.  

Taking the time to be respectful of surrounding passengers will make traveling a much more pleasant experience for everyone. Harford Transit LINK thanks you for respecting your commuting neighbors and for helping make courtesy contagious.

Thank you for riding Harford Transit LINK!