Frequently Asked Questions

Harford Transit LINK Dispatch: 410-612-1620 (press option 1)

Can I bring my service animal onboard? Service Animals are defined by the ADA as any guide dog, signal dog or other animal individually trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability. Service animals are permitted on board Harford Transit LINK vehicles. Other pets and animals (including emotional support animals) are not permitted on board. Harford Transit LINK drivers have the right to ask the passenger what service the animal provides to the rider and to refuse service to a non-qualifying animal. 

What happens if I’m approved for ADA Paratransit service, but I take a trip outside the service area?  Then this trip qualifies as a Demand Response trip (which is first-come, first-served); call Dispatch to schedule your trip.

How long does it take to process my ADA Paratransit or Reduced Fare application? Harford Transit LINK has 21 calendar days in which to process your application.

How will I be notified if I’m approved (or denied) for the service? You will receive a letter in the mail either informing you of your approval or denial of service. 

Is there an appeal process if I’m denied as ADA Paratransit eligible? Yes, click here.

How do I use Token Transit app as an ADA Paratransit or Demand Response rider? If you are approved and would like to use Token Transit, you must contact Dispatch to have your account updated to use the appropriate passes within Token Transit (these will be listed as medical/general passes).

How do I schedule my trip? With either ADA Paratransit or Demand Response: when calling in to schedule a trip, rider provides dispatch with the time of their appointment, pick up location and destination, and the closest estimated time they will be ready for their return trip. 

What happens if I’m at home and running late for my pick up?  The driver will only wait five (5) minutes past the scheduled pick up time. Dispatch will attempt to make contact and if you do not come out to the bus, you will be marked as a no show and the bus will move on to their next pick up. You will need to contact Dispatch to reschedule. 

What is Harford Transit’s No Show Policy?  Our No Show Policy for ADA Paratransit and Demand Response services: a passenger will be considered a “no show” if he/she cancels a pick-up but fails to notify Harford Transit LINK at least one (1) hour prior to the scheduled pick-up time. If the passenger has three (3) no-shows within a calendar month, Harford Transit LINK may suspend services for one (1) month, unless the passenger or his/her representative can show that there were extenuating circumstances. 

  • 1st No Show: Written Warning
  • 2nd No Show: 30 day suspension
  • 3rd No Show: 3 month suspension
  • 4th No Show: 6 month suspension

If I’m running late at my appointment, what do I do?  Call Dispatch 30 minutes before your scheduled pick up time. Dispatch will do their best to get a bus to you when you are ready, but you may have an extended wait time for pick up due to other passengers’ scheduled trips.

If I’m done early, what do I do?  Call Dispatch and they will do their best to get a bus to you sooner, but if not, you will be picked up at your previously scheduled time. 

What happens if I lose my card? If you receive an ADA Paratransit or Reduced Fare card, you will receive one free replacement card, but after that, replacement cards cost $10.  ADA Paratransit and Reduced Fare cards expire after five years (some exceptions, such as a short-term disability that will expire based upon doctor’s recommendation); after expiration, a rider or legal guardian must reapply for the service. If approved, you will receive a new card in the mail.