For FY 21 the Local Management Board is providing funding for the following programs in Harford County:

Parenting Inside Out (PIO)
Vendor: Harford Community Action Agency
Parenting Inside Out (PIO) targets incarcerated parents to help with communication and problem solving, positive involvement, nonviolent discipline and appropriate monitoring and supervision of their children. The targeted outcomes of PIO are reduced parent stress, reduced symptoms of parent depression, better parent-child interaction, reduced criminal behavior, and reduced substance use-related problems.   

Reducing Childhood Hunger (RCH)
Vendor: Harford Community Action Agency
The Reducing Childhood Hunger (RCH) program focuses on children, youth, and families impacted by hunger.   The RCH program components include: Food Advocacy CourseGrocery Store ToursFarm Market ToursTitle 1 Outreach“Try-It” days; Community Outreach; and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) assistance.  

Project SEEK
Vendor: Inner County Outreach (ICO)
Project SEEK targets children, youth and parents/caregivers who have been impacted by incarceration.  Inner County Outreach (ICO) staff provides the following to families: Case Management; Home Visits; Advocacy; Referrals; Communication with Incarcerated parents and a Support Group for children and caregivers. 

Reducing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)
Vendor: Springboard Community Services
Springboard Community Services provides behavioral health services for children, adolescents, and adults affected by ACEs.  One area of behavioral health services will be the provision of specialized treatment to help children exhibiting problematic sexual behaviors.  In addition, Springboard is working with the ACEs Steering Committee; and provides training and education about prevention and impact of ACEs.