Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology Training was presented on July 19, 2017. The training dealt with the following information and can be viewed by clicking on each part.

What is assistive technology?

Keven Drumheller, Arc Northern Chesapeake Region, chief operating officer - introduction
Denise Schuler – Maryland TAP (Technology Assistance Program)

Part 1 video: What is assistive technology?
Topics include:

  • Overview of assistive technology
  • How assistive technology helps people of differing abilities
  • How assistive technology helps everyone
  • About TAP
  • Aids for daily living
  • Augmentative communication and speech aids

Part 2 video: Assistive technology devices
Topics include:

  • Devices for the hard of hearing
  • Aids for the blind/low vision
  • Adaptive computer access devices
  • Head mouse option
  • Eye gaze systems
  • Environmental controls
  • Work accommodations
  • Cognitive/memory/learning aids
  • There’s an App for That
  • Information and referral

Part 3 video: Assistive technology programs
Topics include:

  • Additional assistive technology device examples
  • Equipment loan and demonstration
  • Assistive technology loan program
  • Contacts and wrap-op