Maryland Department of Transportation Overview

Navigating Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) included the following information and can be viewed by clicking on each part.

Class Materials:
Maryland Department of Transportation Overview (pdf)

Part 1 video: Welcome and older driver safety
Karen Winkowski, administrator, Harford County Office of Aging
Nanette Schieke, chief, driver safety division, MDOT

  • Older driver overview
  • Resources for older driver safety
  • Importance of older driver safety
  • Empower drivers with knowledge, tools and resources to continue driving as long as possible
  • Risks with age
  • Increase in aging drivers
  • Likelihood of crashes for aging drivers
  • Likely crash types for aging drivers
  • Competing tasks while driving
  • Vehicle technology
  • Medical review process
  • Silver alert
  • Law enforcement referrals
  • Law enforcement tips
  • Options/resources for a “nervous” adult
  • Maryland’s Resource Guide for aging drivers
  • Survey and post-survey results
  • Additional resources
  • Driving continuum

Part 2 video: Medically at-risk drivers
Gina C. Pervall, MD, Chief Medical Advisory Board, MDOT MVA

  • Overview of medically at-risk drivers
  • Medically at-risk drivers definition
  • Medical review process
  • Medical advisory board
  • MVA testing
  • Healthcare provider’s role

Part 3 video: Driver rehabilitation services
Carol Wheatley OT R/L, CDRS MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital

  • Overview of Driver Rehabilitation Services
  • Functional deficits and the implications for driving.
  • Know the indicators
  • Driver rehabilitation process
  • Adaptive driving equipment
  • Coordination between driver rehabilitation and the MVA
  • Resources

Part 4 video: Driver rehabilitation continued
Keesha Aiken, driver rehabilitation specialist

  • Additional driver rehabilitation information
  • Conclusions; questions and answers