Information for Owners of Harford County Historic Landmark and District Properties

Information for Owners1

Joshua’s Meadows, left, and the Hays-Heighe House Museum, right

What changes to my property need to be reviewed?

Any exterior change that would affect the historic, archeological, or architectural significance of any portion of a designated site or structure, including construction, reconstruction, moving, or demolition must receive a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) from the Harford County Historic Preservation Commission before the work is started. Routine maintenance, defined as activities that do not change or alter an exterior feature and will not materially impair the historic, archeological, architectural, or cultural significance of a historic landmark or a site or structure within a Historic District, do not require a Certificate of Appropriateness. If you are unsure as to whether or not your project requires review, please contact historic preservation staff.

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How do I apply for a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA)?

  1. Contact historic preservation staff to discuss your project. Staff will assist in tailoring your project to meet the Harford County Historic Preservation Design Guidelines (see link below). You may also request a pre-submission discussion at a Historic Preservation Commission meeting, if desired.  
  2. Complete a COA Application Form. For MHT Easement properties, submit the approval letter from MHT’s Easement Board in lieu of this form. Sample Certificate of Appropriateness Application
  3. Submit your application to the Harford County Historic Preservation Commission for review at its next monthly meeting by the Submission Deadline for that meeting. A list of Submission Deadlines and Meeting Dates can be found here
  4. Attend the Historic Preservation Commission Meeting (in person or virtually) to present your project and answer questions during the review of your application. Meeting attendance is mandatory for COA applicants. Please contact historic preservation staff with questions regarding meeting attendance.

What guidelines do I need to follow?

Information for Owners3

How do I apply for Tax Credits?

To apply for Harford County Historic Preservation Tax Credits, click here.

To apply for Maryland State Tax Credits, click here.